IAF Veterans Association

Indian veterans whether they are from any force (Army, Navy and Air force) are the lot who find it very difficult to reestablish themselves in civilian life after being away and cut off from civilians for more than two decades. All the welfare measures by various organizations are aimed at average requirements of these veterans. This is especially in stark contrast wherein the IAF Veterans are more educated and technologically advanced. The IAF Veterans need support in creating a platform to hone their entrepreneurial and technical skills and making inroads into corporate ladders. With this background, some of the retired Air Force veterans felt the need to have an association to represent themselves in order to address some specific needs of the veterans not currently addressed by Official or Governmental bodies. The following IAF Veterans from various backgrounds in their Civil Avatars put their minds together to form this association with specific goals to be achieved over a period of time.

The primary need of any retired IAF Veteran is not just to sustain himself with his pension, but also to establish himself in Civil society so that he is able to secure the aspirations of his family. This involves relocation and reorientation of his skill sets to the market needs of corporate life. Some succeed but many fail due to various reasons. There are potential entrepreneurs/Managers amongst the Veterans but when released into the civil life after long years of service in a disciplined and highly controlled environment they find themselves as fish out of water.

Having crossed the risk taking age and fears of financial security, many of the IAF Veterans settle for whatever comes their way. This Association will strive for out of the box solutions for the problems plaguing the IAF Veterans in their civil avatar. There are many amongst us who can be a potential industrialists, entrepreneurs, Managers, software specialists and who can run their own Companies and give employment to many others but they all lay by the wayside as they are not able to achieve their dreams due to lack of financial backing. This Association will specifically address those cases by joint venture with the Association.

There are organized Government-sponsored welfare schemes for the ex servicemen in general but unfortunately many don’t find themselves eligible for them due to their age, or location or other reasons beyond their control. To obviate the hurdles and to explore the possibilities of empowering the Veterans on a higher plane this Association shall endeavor ceaselessly; in its quest it shall also seek to be a self-sustaining body financially to fund its exploratory projects, which will strengthen the Association with more strength financially and intellectually. The whole exercise is planned to specifically focus on the general well being of the IAF Veterans and his family needs.

Establishment of an IAF Veteran in his civil life through suitable job opportunities commensurate with the enhanced skill sets of the IAF Veteran will be the primary objective of the Association. To meet this end there will be Placement Consultancy and Employer-Employee interactive meets through the portals of IAF Veterans Association. To extend it further over a period of time the goal is to offer the same to the wards of IAF Veterans too. Plus the exploration of establishing a self-contained and self-sustaining Veterans’ Village which will be a shelter to all and needy plus a source of revenue to the Association’s future activities.

There are umpteen splinter groups of retired Air Force personnel and our goal is to bring them all under one roof so that our voice is heard in unison. When the amalgamation takes place there will be enormous amount of synergy which can be fruitfully harvested for the welfare of IAF Veterans, with a specific focus to address the unemployed or underemployed IAF Veterans; pooling of resources or raising venture capital to give a helping hand to the potential entrepreneur amongst us to realize his dreams, to empower all the veterans in general so that the Association is one big umbrella under which all the IAF Veterans can find a comfortable shelter for the rest of their lives.

These are the small dreams as of now but then we have a long way to go………………


An Association of Indian Air Force Veterans